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McLaren Toronto and Pfaff Tuning team up

What happens when McLaren Toronto and premier tuner Pfaff Tuning join forces?

Write up by Pfaff Tuning:


At the beginning of this build we asked ourselves, "how do you improve on perfect". Perfection being the 2013 McLaren 12C.


We knew a few things going into this: it needed to be louder, it needed a more aggressive aerodynamic body shape, and it needed some custom wheels to truly fit the bill.


Pfaff Tuning started with a factory spec'd Volcano Yellow 2013 McLaren 12C Coupe with leather and alcantara interior package, yellow accent stitching and interior carbon package. This gave us an eye catching, beautiful base. 


Instantly we enlisted MSO (McLaren Special Operations) and their carbon front bumper.


This optional front bumper is made of a carbon and kevlar carbon mixture, ensuring maximumweight reduction with absolute strength.


This bumper also helps to create more downforce at high speed, and offers a lower body profile by flattening out the McLaren's factory option rounded bumper cover. 


In order to properly tie in the now wider and more aggressive front bumper, we needed to match the rest of the cars lines with a suitable rear bumper and side skirts.


Knowing that Vorsteiner had recently finished an incredible kit for the 12C, their carbon fiber P1 inspired skirts and carbon rear bumper were a clear winner. This kit offers incredible curb appeal and functional weight reduction and downforce.


Remaining true to the McLaren F1 race heritage, the addition of the rear bumper with the newly designed diffuser was engineered carefully to stabilize the additional down force provided by the front and side elements. Vorsteiner's Autoclaved Pre-Preg carbon fiber structure gives their pieces superior stiffness, aerospace strength and durability.


With body lines sorted in epic proportions we moved forward with wheels and tires. The idea behind the Spa F was to emulate McLaren's racing Heritage in their road car, to truly unlock the 12C's full potential as the ultimate road car.


ADV.1 was a clear and easy choice as our ideal rim. We teamed up with the boys in California and built a true one off ADV6 Track Spec finished in Gloss Gun Metal and custom engraved with ADV.1 and McLaren.

To ensure the McLaren 12C not only looked the part, but performed as well, we wrapped the ADV.1 wheels in Pirelli P Zero Trofeo tires. The Trofeo's offer incredible performance on the street and track by finding the perfect balance between usable street and sticky track compound.


To tie everything in and complete our motorsports look, we lowered the car, bringing it closer to the ground, improving aerodynamics. 


The build does not finish here. With looks, styling and handling sorted out it was time to attack horsepower and sound.


We first installed the Evolution Motorsport Intelligent Tune. With their Intelligent Engine Control Module you are able to sky rocket the 12C's power figures to over 700hp and 570 ft-lbs of torque. This software increases boost pressure while delivering the exact amount of fuel to increase power and efficiency.


To finish off the build we need something special, something unique. We decided the exhaust needed a serious punch, but with current aftermarket options falling short of our expectations, Pfaff Tuning fabricated it's own system.


Built with 304 series stainless steel tubing, round stock and flat bar to complete. The catalytic converters are ultra high output rated for 500 to 800 hp per unit. With ceramic coated exhaust tips to keep heat within the tubing. Finished off with CNC cut exhaust bezels displaying the Pfaff Tuning logo.


Upon fire up you witness the what we believe this car should have sounded like from factory: raw, untamed, incredible. Listen to the turbo's buzz at idle, and simply drown out any other 12C you come across with a pure V8 Turbo soundtrack.


With this system, we have estimated the car at 725hp


We complete this build with a name: The McLaren 12C-Spa F. Named after the Grand Prix track in Belgium where Bruce McLaren won his first race in a McLaren, Spa Francorchamps. 


This vehicle is currently for sale.


Stock Number: MC0076

Price: $414,999.00 plus taxes